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Packing Services

Globe Link International Movers We provide packing services. Our packing experts make easy the task of packing which is hectic & tedious. We provide services like properly packing, wrapping, boxing and tapping. We shall use standard packing materials such as cartons,corrugated sheets, bubble, packing blankets etc. as suitably required, protecting all the furniture and electronic equipment.

Proper packing by a trained packer using specially designed cartons and materials is crucial to a good move. Schedule packing with the mover a day or two before the moving van is loaded. movers will not usually accept liability for damage to items packed by owners.

Household Shifting Services

Globe Link International Movers Means moving from one place to another with entire household items & belongings. It is a very complex and complicated process with many tiresome and problematic works such as packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking and rearranging of goods. Hence, shifting household items can be one of the most stressful events of lifetime because you will have to face many tiresome and annoying works. Globe Link International Movers has expert crew of professionally trained workers and staffs who simplify the situation at great extent. Professionals pack entire home belongings with utmost care using good quality packing supplies and sturdy boxes / cartons to avoid damages. Proper packing is requisite for safe packing and transportation of items on household shifting. Goods are packed well and transported to the new destination door step timely with no damages at all.

Office Shifting Services

Office relocation means moving office with entire office goods from one place to another. It involves careful moving of office belongings, be it computer, scanner, fax machine, stationary, furniture and other items. The other important aspect in office shifting is timely transfer of goods since office should be run smoothly because any interruption. The process of office shifting is a hectic and tedious as home shifting. It also includes similar tasks like packing, loading, transportation, unloading, unpacking and rearranging of goods. But, there are also other things which are considerable on office relocation.

Globe Link International Movers has specialized crew of trained workers for office shifting . Expert packers pack entire office goods with utmost care and attention to avoid damages and transport them in appropriate vehicles and deliver timely. They also try their best to make there is no interruption in the business. They help their clients during entire operation and try their best to make the process much easier and simpler. They also provide insurance policy for goods damages if it happens unfortunately.

If you are planning to shift your office to a new location or city, you might need to hire Globe Link International Movers so that you can enjoy un-interrupted office schedules.

Commercial shifting Services

Can be of various kinds such as office shifting, shop shifting and industrial goods shifting. Sometimes it is also termed as the corporate relocation but it is little different from corporate shifting or business relocation. There are lots of problematic works and tasks involved in commercial shifting which can force you to drop the idea of shifting of commercial goods. But there is no need to drop you idea. It is time to flourish and expand your business. Globe Link International Movers offers an assortment of commercial shifting services to help you out on your commercial relocation or shifting. We provide full service which includes packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking and rearranging of goods. We also provide insurance coverage service and warehousing & storage facility, if our clients ask for. We can pack your commercial belongings safely and transport them at their desired new location time and safely. We have expert crew to simplify the complicated process of commercial relocation or shifting such as office relocation, shop shifting and industrial goods shifting.


Often people think that corporate relocation or business relocation is as similar as residential relocation or household shifting. But it is different from residential shifting in many ways. It might consist of similar works like residential relocation but there are many things which make it different. Corporate relocation means moving corporate belongings from one place to another without interruption in the business; it is very important aspect of commercial relocation.

Globe Link International Movers has dedicated crew of expert workers and staffs who are well-versed in commercial shifting and corporate relocation. Experts can turn corporate shifting into easygoing and smooth affair. Goods are packed safely, transported in appropriate vehicle and delivery timely. Experts will also help in other works such as loading, unloading, unpacking and rearranging.

Corporate shifting also includes some paper and documentation works. Hence experts of Globe Link International Movers also help finish important paper and documentation works. Expert crew knows well about how complicated process of corporate shifting can be simplified. They know exact process of handling office goods and corporate belongings.


Reliability, Trust, Punctuality, Care and Customer Satisfaction are key elements which have made Globe Link International Movers a prominent name in residential relocation. We realize that residential relocation or household shifting can be stressful and problematic for you. But with our experienced in the business and dedicated crew of professionally trained workers & staffs we can make the situation much easier and smoother. We are committed to delivery hassle-free relocation experience with our quality and truly professional door to door moving services.

We can support you in the whole episode of residential relocation from the packing of the first item at your current residence to the unpacking of the last item at your new residence. We strongly follow our commitment – we carry with care! We make residential relocation easy & smooth through our step by step process – Planning, Packing, Loading, Moving, Unloading, Unpacking, Rearranging and Insurance Coverage (if goods are lost or damaged). We can also help people if the request us for car carrier & transportation service and warehousing & storage service.

We at Globe Link International Movers also provide some other services allied to residential relocation such as pet moving service, furniture packing & moving service, plant moving service, fragile packing & moving service, etc. To execute our services in most lucrative way we are fully equipped with modern equipped and supported by the expert crew of professional workers. We promise our client for safe transportation of household belongings from one place to another. We have established our offices and associates in almost all major cities and towns of India in assist you at your door step. Get free instant quote for residential relocation or household shifting by contacting us at Globe Link International Movers

warehousing & storage Services

Enhancing strength to our services we also offer warehousing & storage services. We fulfill your warehousing & storage needs. We have warehouses and stores where your goods can be stored for a short or long time. We ensure you that your goods will be kept safely and without any damage.


In order to enhance our strength we also offer custom clearance services. We offer clearance of import and export goods & consignments arriving by land, sea or air. Our Custom Clearance services include customs documentations, carting & receiving goods, examination of shipments and handling of stuffing & de-stuffing at ports.

FREIGHT Services

We at Globe Link International Movers offer freight forwarding services by sea and air ways. Our freight forwarding services are authentic, reliable and cost effective as well. We offer diverse range of freight forwarding services, sea freight forwarding services, air freight forwarding services etc. Our authentic freight forwarding services cover all the nook and corner of the world. We ensure a secure delivery of shipment as we know the value of each and every valuable goods of customers. Whether the freight is to be moved through road ways, air ways or sea ways our expert professional gives a personal touch to each and every single items of customers.We offer the entire freight forwarding services with full documentation. To make the shipping easier we also help the customer providing customer clearance documents. Our highly skilled professionals take good care of each and every single goods while loading and shipping.


We at Globe Link International Movers offer reliable, authentic cost effective international packing moving services. As moving of goods from one country to another is not an easy task. But we are proficient in moving goods globally to any nook and corner of the world on time at a cost effective rate. We are proficient in moving of goods whether it is through sea ways or air ways. We offer these services with full documentation whether it is moving of cargo, freight forwarding, import & export services or transportation of car from one country to another. What makes us so easily handle these problematic tasks is that we have highly skilled teams of staff members, workers and expert professionals. They in this field for the last 15 years and they have every idea about how the goods are to handle to move it with full accuracy.

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